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Made fresh daily with the finest ingredients. 

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About Our Bagelry

Cohen's Bagel Company opened its doors in Madison, Connecticut in June 2003 after a disappointing search for a good bagel. We moved to the area in 2001 falling in love with the quaint towns, friendly folks and beautiful beaches. But one thing was missing from our new home. As much as we searched for our staple breakfast, a bagel with cream cheese, we continued to come up empty. Something had to be done, our hunger had to be satisfied and so, the Cohen's concept was born.

Hailing originally from Bronx and Westchester Counties in New York, we thought we knew a thing or two about bagels. With a lot of determination and a lot of help behind us, we came up with a terrific recipe, a great store location and hardworking team of people.

At Cohen's, we take pride in our products using only the finest ingredients to create our baked goods, sandwiches and salads. All breads, bagels and pastries are baked on-site daily. Cohen's Bagel Company provides a wide range of services including casual catering, corporate breakfasts and lunches, eat-in or take-out dining. Other than our now famous bagels, Cohen's Bagel Company offers a menu including fresh-baked breads, specialty sandwiches, smoothies, soups, salads, and gourmet coffees.  

Rob and Christine Cohen 

Cohen TEST Shots MAY 2017-COHENSjpegs-00

Hours of Operation

Sunday                                                       7 AM to 2 PM

Monday                                                     6 AM to 3 PM


Tuesday                                                     6 AM to 3 PM


Wednesday                                              6 AM to 3 PM


Thursday                                                    6 AM to 3 PM


Friday                                                         6 AM to 3 PM


Saturday                                                    7 AM to 2 PM

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